5 Crypto Education Platforms That Will Change How You Understand Blockchain

1. CryptoManiaks:

The user-friendly design of CryptoManiaks reminded me of Khan Academy classes I’ve taken in the past. CryptoManiaks offers two courses currently, one on blockchain and the other on Cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain course has 5 videos and is approximately 25 minutes. All learning styles are met in this design because of how it incorporates a mix between video and text. The platform’s sleek black and green design is digestible and user-friendly.

What is really cool about this site is the glossary that is an asset for crypto enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner to expert. Since the development teams values transparency and validity, the glossary could even be used for educators who are looking for references for their students. I’ve never seen a reference for terms and definitions of this magnitude compiled for crypto.

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2. Udemy:

You have probably seen Udemy’s advertisements but probably didn’t realize they offer a course on cryptocurrency investing. This course has a 4.3 rating from over 10,000 users. This course is directed at beginners who are looking to scratch the surface of crypto investing. It will teach you to do things like set up a coinbase account, or deposit coins into exchanges.

It includes 4.5 horus of on-demand video, lifetime access, phone and television access, as well as a certificate of completion at the end.

3. Trading Heroes:

This program has five different levels which teach you the basics of trading and allows you to work up to level 5, which is the inner circle. The foundation of this course teaches you how to trade within a framework or system, then, once you’ve developed a working understanding of the framework, it asks you to test it in real market conditions.

From the information page, it is not clear whether this website includes videos, ebooks, etc.

4. Coin Academy:

Coin Academy offers free courses, all of which have a different goal in mind. The first course, Introduction to Cryptocurrencies, is four lessons long and covers such topics as decentralization and the history of coins. Out of 42 rankings, the course has a 4-star ranking. This website is donation-based, however, with this in mind, you lack the depth that the resources of paid classes offers.

5. Cryptoversity:

“Secret of the Bitcoin Triangle” is the framework upholding the courses on this platform. Within the course, the founder teacher you the different core principles that make up this framework. The course is broken down into six modules. The videos in the course are filled with easy to understand animations that make the learning fun and information.

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Written Content for Decentralized Tech 🌍 Follow us on Twitter: @bountybase

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