A lot of my friends and colleagues have been reaching out lately asking me how to invest in Bitcoin. This article should have come a long time ago, but just in case you don’t already have some #crypto, this article is for you.

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It’s so easy to invest in bitcoin! If you are reading this in 2021, consider yourself lucky. We are at a point where the infrastructure to invest in bitcoin has become very simple and efficient, yet we are still in the very early stages of this new currency to potentially make a profit.

The article however does intend to run through the following:

This article will also run you through several steps to help you find an exchange:

Just to be clear…

We are so excited to be a partner for the 2020 Futurist Conference presented by Untraceable. This exclusive BountyBase Event Preview will tell you what speakers to watch and what new startups to be on the lookout for! Stay tuned 📡

Canada’s largest blockchain and crypto technology conference has me wishing I were in Toronto right now. It’s not just because I would be helping myself to some life-changing pastries over in Kennsington Market at Blackbird Baking Co, although that would certainly be mission-critical.

It’s really because the speaker and attendance lineup for Futurist Conference 2020 is absolutely STACKED. Kudos…

In this article we breakdown:

Before 2008, millennials and the now-evaporating middle class had very few options to trade stocks. Before that, stock trading was largely conducted by an elite group of older Americans that were in-the-know. The privileged group of individuals executed trades by phone calls or on paper. The trades took days or even weeks to execute. Information about stocks wasn’t largely available. And there certainly weren’t many analyst reports that were aggregated in easy-to-read infographics. …

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Ahh Reddit, my favorite under-the-radar social media channel. Unlike Facebook, Instagram (aka Facebook), or TikTok, Reddit doesn’t really have a negative connotation associated with it. The platform is used by all ages for life hacks, general advice, picture posting, discussion forums… the list describing Reddit’s utility could go on forever.

Fun Fact: The 5th most popular question asked into search engines that features the keyword Reddit is:

“How long do edibles take to work Reddit?”

TL;DR: Start with the questions that people are asking.

Let’s start with the subreddit: r/marketing.

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Spotify and Peloton have been two bright lights in the darkness of COVID’s toll on the global stock market.

Peloton stunning Q1’2020 performance has made investors and analysts jump for joy. That growth was fueled by record high-class attendance, subscription growth, and a high product price point that is both accessible and sustainable (lots of financing with very low default rates).

The Radio Hour is Back Via Podcast

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The major news stations are all taking a partisan-appropriate stance on the economy, COVID, and cryptocurrency, taking one of two sides on the emerging financial issues.

They are saying things like:

Considering the vast majority of news comes from the same 6 companies, the narratives that society accepts at face value deserves skepticism.

Instead, consider the following three points:

#1: A stock price moves twice, the market does too

A stock price moves twice, almost always. Once on the news itself, you…

Overdraft fees cost Americans an average of $250 per year! That is RIDICULOUS! 🤯

Chime has come out with a feature that a lot of people could really use right now… Spotme.

Benefits of Spotme:

💰 Make debit card purchases without overdrawing your Chime account

💴 Your limit starts at $20, but can be increased $100

How to Start Spotme

Spotme is a way for you to get an advance on a payment that you’re getting. To check your eligibility, go to the Chime App, then go to settings. Select Spot Me.

👉 Use my exclusive link to sign up for a fully digital Chime bank account…

Bitcoin may need Warren Buffet after all…

The price of Bitcoin has been falling lately along with 99% of other assets. It is starting to become clear that Bitcoin needs a healthy global economy to thrive within. There are two major forces acting against the global economy, and affecting Bitcoin’s growth — COVID-19, and much less talked about, oil.

COVID-19: the first force, obviously, is the virus. From a global economic standpoint (and the timing could not have been worse given this week’s OPEC + negations), one of the worst effects the virus has on the economy is the global…

From Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”

COVID-19’s pandemic shock has reverberated throughout the world’s crowded hospitals, emptied April streets, and student-less classrooms. It has reverberated in bank accounts, wedding ceremonies, and real-life relationships. From Spain to South America, COVID-19 has directly or indirectly affected every part of every culture on the face of the earth.

In addition to the grave physical toll that COVID-19 has inflicted on our world’s healthcare systems, COVID-19’s economic blow serves as part of a pattern of Disaster Capitalism, a system that has risen alongside Friedmanian economics across both western and eastern civilizations in the later half of the 20th century until…

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You love your pet. Your pet loves you. However, your pet would REALLY love you if it only knew how much you paid for it to eat, play with toys, have treats, and stay safe. Dog owners spend roughly $153 dollars a month on their dogs.

Now you can save up to 66% off on Chewy purchases using Rakuten.

If you aren’t signed up for Rakuten, use this code and get $30 off your first purchase https://go.rakuten.com/DUKE155?eeid=44749!

Step One: Get to Chewy

Go to Rakuten.com and select Chewy.


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