Why you need to personalize your content

Personalize your drinks? Why not personalize your content?

Gone are the days when creating content for a wide audience would be enough to gain exposure. These days to rise above the competition, you need to tailor your message to your audience. Of course, it is content that gets you noticed online, and there are millions of content sources across the internet; so delivering unique, targeted & quality content is essential if you want your content to get noticed amidst all the noise.

So how do you get about personalizing your content and delivering a great content experience?

Pay attention to your audience personas

Much like buyer personas, audience personas can assist you in the tone and voice of your content. Let’s say you find out that the majority of your readers are teenagers. By creating content that combines modern language with a relaxed tone, you can speak to them in a manner that they will be likely to enjoy.

Creating an audience personas could assist your SEO & Social Media efforts, by identifying keywords which are likely to play to your audience.

Optimize your publication’s performance

Once readers arrive at your site, you will need to ensure the user experience maintains their interest. Make sure that the load times between pages are minimal and that navigation is easy. Your blog should be visually appealing so tailoring it to your audience personas could also be another way to get more readers to view it.

Lastly, you want to make sure that the content format of your publication is easy to engage. Provide ways that readers can share your content on social media. Make sure all the links are working. It is these little things that will make your site go a long way.

By creating content that caters to your audience, you will get the edge on the competition and engage your readers at a more personal level.

Originally published at www.nextcollision.com.