My FrontEnd Mentor Challenge: Pricing Component with a Toggle Switch

Frontend Mentor has been one of my favorite resources to use to practice my web development skills. So far I have completed 10 challenge projects. My latest project, Pricing Component with Toggle Switch, was a great opportunity to practice my Vanilla JavaScript skills. I needed to create a toggle switch that changed the monthly prices to the yearly prices.

I tried a few new techniques. I used the before and after pseudocode to place labels to the sides of the toggle switch. I also added the background images as their own svg elements and positioned them separately. This was a Junior Level project. The link for my version of the design is below.

Pricing Component with Toggle Switch

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EastEnders: Walford's Low Visibility of Female LBGTQ Characters

Yet, in spite of adding more members to Albert Square’s LBGTQ community, the show has fallen short in one important area: strong storylines for their female LBGTQ characters.T.Lanette Pollard

It has been one year since EastEnders held their first Pride Celebration in Albert Square. The show has come a long way since Syed and Christian’s romance:

Kathy Beale (Gillian Tayforth) opened The Prince Albert, Walford’s first LBGTQ restaurant;Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Halfway Highway (Tony Clay) have become the show’s second male homosexual couple. They have been featured almost daily on the show since Ben sniffed out that Halfway was “queer”;Bernie Taylor…

Open sunflower to the sun

I’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been in our Covid19 Shelter-In-Place. That’s what I call our current situation because it reminds me of our “Shelter-In-Place” drills at school. I know I can leave home, but I don’t want to leave. In the United States, our Covid19 prevention is mixed with the wannabe authoritarian politics of TrumpTwat.

Most of our country has not been under lockdown. I’m fortunate that I live in a state with a sane Democratic governor. (Had this happened with Chris Crispy, there would be even more chaos.) He’s taking the…

Sigh…Every day I read another story about a racist harassing the Black people as they live their daily lives. Whether it’s a middle-aged White man with high shorts threatening a pregnant black woman or a ditzy blonde White woman harassing a worker at Dollar General, there’s always someone trying to help Black people understand they shouldn’t be living. Once the story shows up on Twitter, one of the first sentences I see in the comments from well-meaning White People are, “I’m so amazed at how calm they are [with this racist]” or “ I can’t believe how calm they were…

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