Do not EVER give up!

Never give up, you never know what is in the other side of the bridge …….

My name is Elvis Boves, I am a former student in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, I am working in a Community College as a Teaching Assistant in the Mathematical Department. The math that I assist the students with is basic math skills, and introduction to Algebra. Most of the students are adults, which means that they have to work to support a family and besides all of this they are committed to come to school every day to obtain a college degree. The other part of the students are straight from high school, they don’t have to work (even though some of them do). As I said before I am a student and I know how hard it is for a person to work and go to college. Take me as an example, besides the TA job that I have, I also work in the tutoring center of the college, i am taking classes to complete my degree and plus I am taking a course in programming. However, everything that i do is for a reason, being someone that can inspire others to follow their dream and to let them know that in order to move forward you have to sacrifice now to enjoy later.

Since the beginning of this Spring semester I have not slept more than 5 hours a day, sometimes even less but rarely more than 6 that is including the weekends. In addition to this I also have to pay rent because I live by myself and I also have to cook, which I love to do, but it takes time. I can only imagine how some of the students that I instruct, deal with all of this plus some of them have to help their children to do their homework. Sometimes, some of the students come to class with a long face and frustrated about everything they are going through in their lives. I used to think that they were only complaining because they did not want to come to college to get a degree; however, now that I am in the same shoes as them it is really over whelming. I have to do my college courses homework, I have to prepare the material we are going to discuss in the class and I have to do the programming course home work as well. I always try to encourage them to finish college and to get at least their associate degree and provide their family with a better life style.

Right now I am the one who needs that support, I need that person to tell me that everything is going to be OK, that at the end of the day this is for a great cause, that everything I am doing right now if for a better future that I can provide my future family with, that every single hour that I spent without sleeping is worth it because right now I am the one who wants to QUIT and GIVE UP and say F@#$ everything. However, even if I want to quit I cannot, this won’t be an option because how my students would will see me? I need to be a positive example for them. How the saying goes “we must do what we pray.” I have to remind myself that everything is going to be OK and that I was born to be successful. That is my motor to wake up every morning and give everything that I can.

Don’t ever quit, even when you are facing difficult times and everything looks dark, just remind yourself why you are you doing this and keep going. Even if you have to cry, do it!, don’t be ashamed of it, just remember that at the end is going to be worth it. You are a fighter and fighters don’t quit.