“God never gave up on me.”

How Diana found hope at The Bowery Mission

Ten years ago, Diana was a well-known New York City radio host. Then the recession hit and her station shut down. For six years, Diana lived with various family members and tried to make ends meet with several part-time jobs. She had nowhere to truly call home. Diana felt hopeless.

“I’d hear stories about people committing suicide and wonder how they got to that place. Now I get it. The cracks in your life just get bigger and bigger until it’s too much,” she says.

Desperate, Diana went to visit a pastor for counseling. The pastor told Diana about The Bowery Mission. Diana was embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help, but her family encouraged her to go anyway.

Diana knew it wouldn’t be easy. Living in community with other women and sticking to a routine was an adjustment. But she soon settled into the new structure of her life.

As part of the residential program at The Bowery Mission, Diana has a safe place to sleep each night and warm meals each day.

She’s thrived with new vocational training, career counseling and life skills classes. And everything is taught with a spiritual perspective, helping her weave a life of faith into everything she does.

Diana wasn’t sure of much when she walked through the Red Doors at The Bowery Mission. But after the time she has spent here, Diana knows one thing for sure:

“God never gave up on me. He still has big plans for my life, and I can’t wait to see what they are.”

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