How The Bowery Mission changed Frank’s life over 40 years ago

Frank, graduate of The Bowery Mission’s residential program (Photo: Albert Cheung Photography)

Frank started drinking when he was just 15 years old as a way to feel important. What started as a habit soon grew into an addiction, and cost him his family, a place in the Army and several jobs. He was caught in a continuous cycle and couldn’t break free.

Living on the streets, Frank would sometimes stop by The Bowery Mission for a free meal. But he wasn’t ready to give up his drinking nor work toward getting clean.

When Frank was stabbed in a park one night, he could only think of one place to go for help, The Bowery Mission.

“I knocked on those doors, desperate, forty years ago. And it’s been a home for me ever since.”
Frank (left) with James Macklin, Director of Outreach at The Bowery Mission.

James Macklin, Director of Outreach at The Bowery Mission says, “To me, Frank is symbolic of the story of the phoenix who lives, dies and comes back to life. He was restored to new life and has executed it very well.

During his time at The Bowery Mission, Frank let God into his life and learned to turn to prayer and hard work instead of alcohol. He was able to get a steady job, and recently retired after 37 years. Frank started attending church regularly, where he met the woman he married and spent 39 years with.

“I wouldn’t be alive without The Bowery Mission, guaranteed,” says Frank. “God kept me around to tell my story, so others can receive the help I did.”

Life transformation happens every day at The Bowery Mission — thanks to friends like you.

Your gifts and prayers can help more neighbors like Frank turn their lives around.

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