Precious lost everything, but this Thanksgiving she’s thankful to have you

New reasons to give thanks

Precious finds healing in community (Photo: Keri Tan Photography)

“I thought I had it all,” Precious shares.

As a recognized attorney and entrepreneur, Precious appeared on national and international television shows and enjoyed much speaking and business success.

But on January 22, 2017, when Precious should have been celebrating her 38th birthday, she was planning to take her own life before God intervened.

“Last year, in the twinkling of an eye, I lost everything that mattered to me over a business disagreement,” Precious says. “My home, clothes, degrees. Friends and loved ones all turned their backs on me.”

Heartbroken and homeless, Precious came to The Bowery Mission in February. Ashamed of her situation, Precious thought, “Who was I now without the accolades and adoration I craved? I felt less than zero.”

But then Precious encountered the love and compassion of friends like you and the caring staff at The Bowery Mission…

Healing in community (Photo: Keri Tan Photography)

“At The Bowery Mission, I was given love, attention, counseling, classes and fellowship,” Precious shares. “I learned for the first time that I am a child of God.”

Even though Precious achieved great success as an adult, she carried immense pain from her childhood. “I was an unwanted child who rose above poverty,” Precious recalls. “But it was filled with emotional and physical abuse, torture, homelessness and intense physical hunger.”

Your generosity has helped Precious heal from her broken past — a blessing she thanks God for every day.

Empowered with renewed confidence, self-worth and trust in God’s love, Precious is eager to help other women who have lost their way. She wants to show women how God can set them free from pain and give them hope — just like God gave hope to Precious.

“My law degree and entrepreneurial skills never gave me the satisfaction that I have now,” Precious adds. “At The Bowery Mission, I finally found out where I belong.”

Hundreds of New Yorkers like Precious feel desperate and alone this Thanksgiving season. Let’s give these souls a welcoming place to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal, surrounded by people who care. Make a gift today to change lives.