“I’m free because of this place.”

Christmas miracles really do come true. We see them every day at The Bowery Mission as people like Elvis come through our Red Doors and find healing for their lives.

When Elvis moved with his family from the Dominican Republic to New York City, he was immediately struck by how much was abundance there was here.

“Jobs, clothes, education, types of cereal,” he remembers, “I had just never seen so much opportunity; so many options. It was truly a land of freedom.”

As Elvis grew up, he learned that this abundance could take a negative turn. He became addicted to drugs and alcohol as a young man. As his addiction spiraled, Elvis found himself living on the streets.

He was begging for every meal and spending every dollar to feed his addiction.

At the end of his rope, Elvis came to The Bowery Mission.

Here he found food, shelter, clothing and love after years of struggling. Most importantly, Elvis reignited his relationship with God.

“I was shown amazing love that made me believe in God again,” says Elvis. “This place has given me everything while I work on getting better.”

While at The Bowery Mission, Elvis has participated in one-on-one counseling to assist with his addiction recovery and help him mend broken relationships. He has also received practical vocational training and spiritual guidance.

Last Christmas, Elvis was imprisoned in his addiction. But this year, thanks to the prayers and gifts of friends like you, Elvis has found true freedom.

“I’m free because of this place,” he says. “I’m free from drugs and filled with God’s Spirit.”

We are grateful for our supporters and volunteers who help give hungry and homeless New Yorkers love, warmth, food and hope this Christmas!

Learn more about The Bowery Mission’s programs at www.bowery.org.