It takes 4 days to cook and 14 minutes to eat. And every second is worth it!

Help us fill our pantry for our Thanksgiving feast.

Cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal for a large family is an all-day event!

But here at The Bowery Mission, 10,000 homeless and hungry neighbors will show up for dinner this Thanksgiving season. So Chef Gretchen is starting to plan now.

With such a large number of guests expected at the Mission’s tables this holiday season, the kitchen staff has to stay focused and organized.

Once they get all of their ingredients, Chef Gretchen and her team will begin cooking turkeys the Sunday before Thanksgiving — and keep the ovens hot for the next 96 hours!

We keep the ovens hot for 96 hours straight — to prepare meals most guests eat in 14 minutes — because we’re actually serving a second chance.

By Thanksgiving Day, the kitchen team will have cooked more than 730 turkeys and prepared all the trimmings and sides for a delicious traditional holiday meal.

It’s a meal that most guests eat in about 14 minutes! But, as Chef Gretchen says, “Seeing their faces light up with joy makes the months of planning and hours of preparation worth it! It’s a privilege to be part of sharing God’s love.”

“Thanksgiving at The Bowery Mission is more than a home-cooked meal,” Chef Gretchen adds. “When we serve the food, we’re actually serving a second chance for people to transform their lives.”

As we restock our pantry and plan for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, we are trusting God to provide every ingredient and resource we need to give hope to the hungry and homeless. Every Thanksgiving meal can be an opportunity for guests with broken spirits to receive the new hope they need.

This Thanksgiving season, we’ll serve thousands of hot meals, and each one can lead to a new life. We have to fill our pantry early to make the most impact! Can you help?