Mission Minded—Christmas 2017

A word from David P. Jones, President & CEO

Share the good news of Christmas

For most of us, the holidays are filled with warmth and joy. But when you’re trying to survive on the streets or overcome a debilitating addiction, Christmas is another day of struggle. In fact, Elvis and Tara spent many holidays wondering if they would ever find hope again.

We are thankful that God led Elvis and Tara to The Bowery Mission. Here, they learned that God’s love is able to heal the pain of their past. Through the gift of Jesus, we can have new hope — and the faith to live new lives going forward.

This Christmas at The Bowery Mission, we’ll meet many new people.

They’ll come through our Red Doors carrying their unique hardships. But we’ll invite each guest to lay down their burdens, join us for a warm meal, share in meaningful conversation and begin the process of lasting life transformation.

We welcome guests for meals three times a day. They find comfort in a hot meal, but more importantly, they receive hope.

Why do we do this? Because God has given us the gifts of grace, love and compassion — and we can’t help but share them with other people.

Thank you for your generosity that helps us share the hope-filled message of Christmas with people in need. We have good news to share, and we’re thankful for partners like you who help us spread God’s incredible message of peace and love across our wonderful city.

— Dave, President & CEO

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