Mission Minded — Fall 2017

A word from David P. Jones, President & CEO

Your compassion matters this Thanksgiving

The generosity of friends like you is critical to save lives and makes it possible for us to serve our community.

Every year, it happens.

Summer ends. School starts. Cooler weather starts to come in. And before you know it, the holidays are here!

At The Bowery Mission, we can’t let seasons sneak up on us. We must prepare months in advance if we’re going to help the thousands of people who turn to us — especially at Thanksgiving!

Every day, in every season, hungry and homeless New Yorkers walk through our Red Doors searching for answers. Sometimes, they are desperate for a hot, nourishing meal. Other times, they yearn for a friendly smile.

No matter what needs we encounter at The Bowery Mission, we want to be ready to act and serve each guest with thoughtful, compassionate care.

Your compassion matters. The generosity of friends like you is critical to save lives. Whether you send a financial gift, volunteer in our kitchen, or sponsor men and women in our recovery program, your compassion is changing lives!

As the seasons begin to change and the fast pace of life goes on, please take time to stop, refocus, and give your time and attention to what matters.

Together, we can share delicious Thanksgiving meals with our most vulnerable neighbors — and extend the hope and compassion that comes from knowing kind people like you care.

— Dave

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