Mission Minded — Summer 2017

A word from David P. Jones, President & CEO

You give more than a helping hand. You give hope.

It’s easy to see the physical needs of the hungry and homeless. Their clothes are worn. Their skin is dirty. Their body is weak.

But the emotional turmoil of the homeless isn’t always visible.

They sometimes carry shame, loneliness and despair deep inside. Yet, addressing emotional needs is vital to recovery.

While a nourishing meal or safe shelter is often what brings a person to our red doors, guests also find personal guidance, spiritual counseling and career support.

Thanks to your generosity, comprehensive help is available at The Bowery Mission.

This summer, the unbearable heat will threaten the hungry and homeless with physical exhaustion, dehydration, food poisoning and more. We must provide cool shelter, water and healthy meals!

But we must also supply the lasting support a person needs to break the cycle of homelessness for good.

Today, the path to renewed hope really can start with a little bit of help. A filling lunch. A clean pair of socks. A bottle of water.

And that little bit of help can start with you. Thanks for your generosity — and for meeting the needs of the homeless, especially the ones that aren’t so easy to see.

— Dave

Join The Bowery Mission in helping New York City’s homeless, hungry and poor. Give today.
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