Mission Minded — Winter 2018

A word from David P. Jones, President & CEO

Your compassion warms the hearts of the homeless

Seeing a homeless person on the streets can feel overwhelming. You want to help, but you aren’t sure how. This is especially hard on cold winter nights when you just want to get to your destination, but you see a person in need.

Even as President of The Bowery Mission, I feel many of the same things you do in these situations. But I have great hope, because of you!

Last year, friends like you helped to provide 97,300 nights of shelter for women like Diana, who shared her story this season. You also help to provide essential medical care for neighbors at risk of pneumonia, hypothermia, frostbite and other life-threatening illnesses.

Guests at The Bowery Mission choose help through compassionate care services, including shelter and free medical clinic (Photos: Keri Tan Photography)

New York City does not know a “mild winter.”

Each year promises snow, ice, and frigid weather. But thanks to your compassion, anyone seeking help can receive nutritious meals, hot showers, warm clothing and a comfortable bed through the Red Doors of The Bowery Mission.

It’s hard to imagine what homeless neighbors face each winter, but one thing I do know:

Your gifts bring homeless neighbors off the cold streets and into a safe place every night.

You give them warm surroundings, but you also warm their heart. Thank you for your generosity!

— Dave, President & CEO

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