“The Bowery Mission saved my life.”

Your generosity is a true gift this season. It offers hope, joy and love to people like Tara.

The Bowery Mission’s Women’s Centers staff with Tara, who graduated from our residential programs onto independent living.

When Tara finished the women’s program, she was overjoyed. She was also overcome with nervousness about what was next.

“I knew I couldn’t do it alone,” she says.

Thankfully, Tara had the support of The Bowery Mission’s Alumni Program behind her as she set out to begin her new life.

Through the Alumni Program, Tara has access to monthly workshops and reunions, career counseling, educational events and regular recovery group meetings.

“It’s good to stay connected,” says Tara. “It helps me remember where I came from and keep sight of where I’m going. I need that continual reminder to trust in God, to build my character and stay motivated.”

During the program, Tara thought she would never finish. Though she pressed on, the goal of graduating and obtaining her own job and housing seemed impossible. She says that knowing that friends like you were praying for her and cheering her on made all the difference.

Tara learned valuable lessons at The Bowery Mission. She gained career skills, overcame crippling depression and learned she has a passion for helping others.

Most importantly, Tara learned how to walk in faith in brand new ways. Now she relies on phone calls, texts and emails from other alumni to remind her of these things. This network of staff and alumni has become her support system, helping her up if she stumbles.

“The Bowery Mission saved my life,” she states. “And it continues to save the lives of others every day.”

We are grateful for our supporters and volunteers who help give love, community and hope to New Yorkers in need!

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