“Without The Bowery Mission, I’d still be unstable and insecure.”

Your generosity gave James the support he needed to mature, grow and be the man he’s always wanted to be.

James didn’t have a positive father figure growing up. The man he used to call “dad” left when James was seven, leaving an example of abandonment and instability.

It’s no wonder it was hard for James when he moved out of the house and eventually got married. “I think being from a broken home led to a lot of turmoil in my life, in my marriage,” James shares. “I didn’t take responsibilities seriously, jumped from job to job, and smoked marijuana.”

James, client of The Bowery Mission’s residential programs

At only 26 years old, it didn’t take James long to realize that what he was doing wasn’t working. That’s when a close friend told him about The Bowery Mission.

“Last year, I lost my apartment, my car, a nice job, and then my wife. I was a broken man,” James shares. “I realized I needed to change my life, and coming to The Bowery Mission was the first step.”

James was so eager to turn his life around, he jumped into our program wholeheartedly. He served when asked (and when he wasn’t asked!) and thrived in a structured yet nurturing environment. “My belief in God blossomed,” James shares. “The classes have given me a new outlook, new values, and a new way to manage myself. I’ve become more stable emotionally, know how to budget money, and I’m eager to put what I’ve learned into practice once I leave.

Soon, James will start his certificate programs for culinary arts and other vocations. He’s grateful for the many people who have helped him, including the other residents in the program who he commends for “teaching me how to be a man.”

“Without The Bowery Mission, I’d still be unstable and insecure. But I’ve learned that it takes a man to make this step, admit what I’ve done wrong and accept responsibilities. Every day, I take a step forward, away from what I used to be. And I’m actually proud of myself.”

Your generosity can give more men like James the hope and new life they need!

Just $1.59 provides one meal at The Bowery Mission, which can start a guest down a path of life transformation.