Your support showed Anitha that she will never spend the holidays alone.

Anitha is grateful for the generosity of others that saved her from the streets last Christmas!

From the time she was a little girl in the West Indies, Anitha dreamed of becoming a chef. At age 20, she moved alone to New York City and found work as a housekeeper.

Holidays were always a sad time for Anitha as she watched families celebrate together while she spent the days alone.

Last Christmas was especially tough after Anitha lost her job and home. She was scared, lonely and unsure where to turn.

Anitha looks forward to graduating from The Bowery Mission’s programs and pursuing a career in culinary arts.

Knowing a little bit about The Bowery Mission, Anitha reluctantly decided it was worth a try.

“I was afraid to come here, but I had nowhere to go, and it was Christmas,” she says.

Nearly a year later, everything is different for Anitha.

Through The Bowery Mission and a culinary training program, Anitha has been able to take tangible steps toward her passion of being a chef. Now she cooks and bakes at the Mission and is frequently asked to make cakes for residents’ birthdays.

Most importantly, Anitha has renewed her faith in God. She says the lessons she has learned at The Bowery Mission through Bible studies, classes and interactions with staff have turned her life completely around. While Anitha was once terrified of the future, she now has peace in God’s plan.

“There is a new person emerging from my fear,” says Anitha. “God is transforming everything about me and making it new. I’m not the same person I was a year ago.”

When she leaves The Bowery Mission, Anitha hopes to get a job as a prep cook in a restaurant and continue down the path of earning a position as head chef.

She’s looking forward to the holidays now; hoping to spend them cooking for the family she has made at The Bowery Mission.

No matter what happens, Anitha is not worried about being lonely. “After all,” she smiles, “now I know that I will never be alone.”

Life transformation happens every day at The Bowery Mission — thanks to friends like you.

Your gifts and prayers during the holidays can help more neighbors like Anitha spend the season surrounded by good food, faith and family.