HMV staff stage sit-in at Limerick stores

by Nick Rabbitts and Derek Bowler

HMV staff in Limerick are staging a sit-in at the firm’s two branches in Cruises Street and the Crescent Shopping Centre in a bid to get paid.

Some 28 staff across the two stores remained at the two shops through Wednesday night after they were told by receivers Deloitte they were not getting paid.

The music chain’s stores in Limerick shut down suddenly yesterday, after the Irish arm of the firm was placed in receivership.

Staff were temporarily laid off while Deloitte assess the viability of the Irish operation. Security staff employed by Deloitte were denied access to the stores this morning.

HMV stores in Britain are continuing to trade as normal, with staff in Limerick saying they feel they have been “let down” by the retailer.

Michelle Hennigar, a supervisor at the Cruises Street store said that staff feel “cut loose” by HMV — and are “cut off” from their British counterparts who have been assured that their wages will be paid in full.

“We spoke with representatives of Deloitte Ireland earlier and have had no guarantees regarding our wages, holiday pay or redundancy,” she said, “We have been told we are on temporary lay-off which means we can sign on but aside from that we’re somewhat in the dark.”

Both Michelle, and her boyfriend Gary Healy work in the store, and speaking to RTE’s Morning Ireland, she said: “We have nothing concrete — nothing we can put our minds to rest on. We do not know how we are going to pay rent, or bills. They say they will give us a particular form so we can sign on quicker. But they do not even have the form with them today. We have no idea where we stand.”

Staff at the Cruises street store say they intend to remain in the store until they get what they are owed.

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