by Don Cung, Jimmy Holzer and Nyjal Augustine


On May 17, 2017 Google announced Architecture Components that created lot of buzz in the Android community. …

by Dave Sawyer, Staff Engineer

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Without doubt, the most highly anticipated feature of Box Drive is the ability to mark files for offline access (MFO). In practical terms it brings the syncing ability of Box Sync to Box Drive enabling you to work on files offline and send and receive updates to the files when online. This feature sounds simple, but as we dug into it, we came across a lot of decision points about how the feature will work. …

by Shubhro Roy, Sr. Software Engineer

Consistency is a key concept in data storage: it describes when changes committed to a system are visible to all participants. Classic transactional databases employ various levels of consistency, but the golden standard is that after a transaction commits, the changes are guaranteed to be visible to all participants. But as per the CAP theorem, such systems sacrifice availability in the presence of network partition in order to guarantee consistency.

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Amazon’s S3 takes a different approach where it ensures high availability even in the presence of network partition, hence adopting an eventual consistency model. Eventual consistency relaxes the rules a bit, allowing a time lag between the point the data is committed to storage and the point where it is visible to all others. But this can lead to issues during various operations especially when using the list functionality. If an object is added to S3 and immediately list() is called on its parent path, the object may not be visible. Similarly a deleted object can still show up when list() is called after the delete operation. …



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