World Records of Pizza

Ever wondered how many world record holders have pizza to thank for their success? It’s actually quite a few more than you would think. Here listed is some of the greatest records broken involving the world’s favorite food!

1.) World’s Largest Pizza

(Yes that whole gold-ish looking floor is actually all pizza!)

The world’s largest pizza record was set in Italy by Divilio Nardi on December 13th 2012. The creation was named “Ottavia” and the total surface area measured to 1,261.65m2 (13,580.28ft2)! The ingredients that went into making this ginormous pie were approximately 1,488 pounds of margarine, 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 551 pounds of salt, 220 pounds of lettuce and 55 pounds of vinegar. Not to mention the entire pie was gluten-free! This was concious choice by the creators to send a message to the whole world about health concious food choices. Seems a bit contradictory, but hey we’ll take it!

2.) World’s Longest Pizza

In June of 2015 the entire crew (plus a few) of LApizza+1 in Sante Ludovico, Italy decided they were going to set the record straight…and I mean really straight…for the world’s longest pizza. The entire pizza measured in at 1,595.45 m (5,234 ft 4.8 in) and contained 2204.62 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 4409.25 pounds of tomato sauce and with the crust the entire pizza weighed in at 11023.1 pounds. This pizza was no easy task and it took a team of 60 chefs approximately 18 hours to finish this record breaking pie. It was all well worth it though because after the record was set, over 984 feet of the pizza was donated to a local food bank and then distributed to charitable organizations that feed the poor and needy.

3.) Highest Altitude Pizza Delivery on Land

Now this one is a bit of a stretch here, a really really far stretch. The first pizza hut in Tanzania opened in May of 2016 and Pizza Hut wanted to come in to this new territory with a bang as well as celebrate the 100th country the restaurant has entered in. So what did they decide to do? Why, make a deliverey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro of course! Randall Blackford, a Pizza Hut general manager, and a group of employees as well as a team of experienced guides made the hike to the top of the mountain where they then shared a pepperoni pizza 19,341 ft up. It took approximately four days for the pizza to reach its delivery destination however, it stayed fresh as ever in a speciality designed pizza box backpack made sepcifically for the trip. Now that’s what we call dedication!

4.) Most Pizzas Made in 12 Hours

Two restaurants from Switzerland and Italy teamed up to set the world record of making the most pizzas in 12 hours. The crew, which included a team of 40 expert pizza makers accomplished producing 5,070 pizzas in just twelve hours. Once completed with their challenge locals and tourists were able to taste the record breaking pizzas which were given out for free!

5.) Most People Tossing Pizza Dough

Now this act it is a pretty skilled move in itself but to have hundreds of other simutaneously toss at the same time? Now that’s world record worthy. In celebration of Papa Johns launching its 300th store in the UK, the pizza chain hoped to have 300 particpants to toss 300 individual pizza doughs in the air at the same time. The turnout exceeded their expectations when they ended up with 338 participants all ready to toss! And not to mention this record broke the previous one set in Italy with only 278 participants (pretty surprised this record was attempted more than once). Founder and CEO of Papa Johns, Papa John himself John Schnatter, made an appearance and led the chefs in this record breaking toss.

We hope you enjoyed these world records involving the world’s favorite dish! Today pizza is breaking records all throughout the world and next it will take on the universe! Too broad? We don’t think so! I mean if anyone can do it pizza can!

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