Meet the Parents

From the Desk of Cesar Gonzalez, Harriman’s Lobby Supervisor

Fortunately, I get the opportunity to speak to our members’ parents every day. I’m often struck by the diversity of families we have here at BCNY — I meet parents from all walks of life, some of whom I have a lot in common with, and some I don’t.

Harriman Members

I often ask them,

“How did you hear about the Boys’ Club?”

Most parents have heard of us through word of mouth. Some other parents used to be members themselves or had siblings who were members. I’ve been at BCNY for 22 years, so I love reminiscing with these parents, who remember what the clubhouse was like when they were kids.

There’s another group of parents I particularly enjoy seeing in the lobby — the food lovers! I teach the explorers how to cook, in a program called “Look Who’s Cooking,” and I’m always looking for new healthy and delicious recipes to share with the boys. Often, it’s parents who give me the best advice or share their own favorite healthy recipes.

I never know who’s going to walk through the front doors of Harriman Clubhouse, but I always look forward to seeing new faces, making new connections, and helping as many families as possible. ✎

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