Asana: The Saviour of Group Projects?

Source: Ipswitch

One of the things I usually don’t look forward to in any of my courses are assignments involving group collaborations. This has nothing to do with me not wanting to work as a team or being shy. The reality is that it’s really hard to meet-up with people in university as everyone has class at different times and all a lot of people have part-time jobs as well. And most importantly almost every student you partner with has to commute. But thankfully there are online platforms and apps outside of Skype or FaceTime that does make things a bit easier. Today we’ll take a look at Asana, one of the most well-known platforms for team-management and projects.

Asana enables users to stay connected and be aware of what everybody is doing. Traditionally members of a group that is working on a project would write a to-do list on there phone calendars, then use something like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to alert other groups member what they are up to. But with Asana, everyone knows what they are doing 24/7. You create tasks for yourself and others and everyone can update or comment their statuses as they complete those tasks.

Traditionally when you start a group project, you meet-up once or twice and then go off and complete your individual tasks. But Asana features a section that allows you to brainstorm ideas together and then plan out what everyone has to do. Now, I still think it is important to do the brainstorming and the initial meet up altogether face to face because that way you ease up the awkwardness from working together with usually total strangers. You also get a better feel of your group members to better understand their work ethic and how compatible you are. Then everyone can go off and do their own thing.

While platforms like Asana are extremely helpful regarding group assignments, meeting up together once is crucial for you and the team. Therefore, the winning formula for group assignments in my opinion is a healthy blend of meet-ups and applications. But of course this all fall downs to your group members being cooperative people. The only thing you can do is pray for that one.