Instagram’s Privacy Settings


Ever since day one of opening up an Instagram account, I quickly switched it to private. From the very first moment I uploaded a photo and captioned it with close to at least fifteen hashtags, (2013 was a different time…) I was immediately greeted with more follows from spam accounts than people I know. Now some people don’t care or they just want more followers but if you’re like me and don’t like all these random people liking your photos and following you, here are some tips on how to set your Instagram account to the amount of privacy you are looking for.

Now if all you are looking for is to make your account viewable to only your followers, all you need to do is tap on the setting sign and turn on the Private Account setting. This only allows your followers to like or comment on your photos and videos. But if you want to share your post on other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, anyone who has access to the link can view that post. The downside of going private is the hashtags you put in your captions are essentially meaningless because it does not connect to other public hashtags at all.

One preference I didn’t even know existed for the longest time is the one where you can choose whether to have your photos pop up when someone searches your name on Google. But here’s where it gets tricky. Instagram does not personally feature an option where you can enable or disable this. Instead, they have a list of various third-party services that use their API and advise you to contact them one by one. They also state that if your account is private it will probably stop this from happening but they do not guarantee it.

I hope these tips are helpful for those who are seeking more privacy on Instagram as I completely understand that as the days go by, we’re losing our grasp on our online privacy more and more. It’s important to know the little modifications we are able to do because it’s definitely getting increasingly harder to do so.