Partners in Crime

I have always had a great appreciation for my partner Jake. He is always by my side to assist me in whatever I needed. We are partners in crime, even though we are both detectives. I really enjoy the irony in that. We have been working together for 15 years and neither of us are planning to retire anytime soon. We respect each other and the work that we do. Every day there seemed to be something new to work on, and that was okay for both of us. We love what we do. I owed my life to him. I owed everything to him. He is my best friend. He got me this job in the first place, but that’s another story. I promised myself as well as him that I would always be there to help. No matter what. Little did I know I would regret that later on. 
 15 years ago I met Jake. We met at a coffee shop in downtown Detroit. Long lines, rude customers, the usual. We were both waiting for our coffee when he spoke to me, “You been waiting long?” His voice deep and smooth like the ocean on a perfect day.
“Yeah, just about 10 minutes now,” I turned to look at him. He is a tall man, about 6’4”. Dark brown hair caressed the tops of his ears. It was parted on the right side of his head that fell just to his eye brows. He had just gotten a haircut, the light feathering of his hair gave me that clue. His bright blue eyes matched his deep complexion. He had wide shoulders that tell me he works out daily. Most likely before he gets his coffee. The raven black shirt he was wearing that day gave his arms such detail that I could not describe. I am nothing compared to him. With my dark blonde hair that touches the base of my neck, and my brown eyes I look a bit more rugged than he does. I was wearing a grey sweatshirt and black sweatpants. He looked as though he played football. I looked as if I had just gone through a horrible break up. I craved to look like his though I knew I would never bring myself to that sort of commitment. 
“Why don’t they have more staff working this morning?” He was very irritated however his voice was still like silk. 
“I have no idea but it’s like this every morning. You can’t get away from it,” I matched the irritation with my voice. 
“I’m Jake,” he replied. 
“Hunter, nice to meet you,”
“Hunter!” the barista abruptly yelled over the counter. 
“That’s me. I guess I’ll see you around then,” I noted.
“Yeah, see you around,” Jake replied as I turned towards the door. We met again the next morning. Same place, same time. He greeted me and I left with my terrible coffee. This seemed to go on for weeks though it had only been a couple days. One particular morning was very gray, and the clouds pour wet, heavy tears onto the unsuspecting sidewalk. That morning Jake asked me to go on a walk with him. As he led me out the door I flipped my hood up to shield my uncombed hair from getting too wet. On our walk Jake spoke of his work, specifically how he was looking for a partner. I have never had much interesting in detective or police work, but the way Jake spoke of it made it seem like a dream job. The way his eyes lit up; how his voice just glided over each and every word. With every sentence I wanted this more and more. Long story short, Jake got me the job. He trained me well. With every mile we ran, every push up he forced me through, and every story that he told…I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. 
We have been working together for 15 years now. I am very proud of our work. Overall we have solved almost 240 cases in 15 years. However, 15 years of friendship and trust could never ease the shock of what I was about to hear.