What Does The Signing Of Tim Tebow Mean?

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports was the first to report that the Eagles are going to sign Tim Tebow.

Tebow’s last NFL contract was with the New England Patriots which he signed in June, 2013. Tebow didn’t make the Patriots 53-man roster after a disappointing preseason and wasn’t signed during the 2013 or 2014 season. Tebow turned down offers to the CFL and started working in the media in late 2013. After considering applying to the NFL’s first Veteran Combine, Tebow worked out with the Eagles this March. “I’ve always been a fan of Tim,” Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said on NFL Total Access. “We bring in a lot of players for private workouts, it’s just he’s the one that everyone keeps talking about. We brought in Terrelle Pryor for a workout and Thad Lewis in for a workout. When players are available for you to work them out it’s the same thing of going to the Veteran Combine or going to the Super Regional Combine. It’s getting an exposure to a player so that when you have to make a decision and say ‘Hey, what are we going to do now. You say, I don’t know anything about these players. Let’s bring them in and work them out, and it may be too late at that point in time.’ So all we’re doing is just doing our homework." A report surfaced that said that the Eagles would sign Tebow if they traded Matt Barkley, who remains on the roster.

Some notes

  • Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the deal will be one year in length. Ironically Tebow is an employee of ESPN, however FOX Sports was the first to report the story. That could create a strange workplace dynamic. Tebow’s contract with ESPN is automatically suspended and then extended for the amount of time that he’s away playing football.
  • I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about Tebow’s work with private quarterback coach Tom House. Many private coaches are in the business of “fixing” quarterbacks. We’ve seen it already this offseason with the Josh Freeman signing. I’m very skeptical of how much a player can actually improve this way.
  • This would be the perfect time for the Ted Wells investigation results. The Tebow signing is about the only thing that could overshadow Deflategate on an ESPN coverage cycle.
  • Last night I was complaining about how dry the NFL news had been. Don’t act like we shouldn’t talk about this because, well, there’s nothing else to talk about right now. That said, I hope the Tebow signing won’t be all over ESPN next Sunday.
  • The Eagles currently have five quarterbacks on their roster (Bradford, Sanchez, Barkley, Kinne, and Tebow). Only the Chiefs also have five quarterbacks on their roster currently. Tebow should compete with Kinne and Barkley for the third quarterback job. Barkley could be traded/released or Kinne could be released, as it would be hard to get five quarterbacks reps during the offseason. The fact that Barkley hasn’t been traded yet might speak volumes about his trade value. It’s non-existent. At this point I think the Eagles would be happy to get anything in return for him. (NOTE: I mentioned Barkley and other veteran quarterbacks in my first Medium post)
  • Philadelphia has three former first round quarterbacks who were drafted by different teams. Also Tebow and Mark Sanchez played together in New York with the Jets.
  • I’m looking forward to hear Chip Kelly explain the Tebow signing. It should give us some insight into his thinking. He’s had a really interesting offseason. John McClain says this signing is an example of why so few head coaches have control of player personnel. Interesting thought, but I’d love for him to expand on it. It is true that Tebow was last signed by the Patriots, whose player personnel is controlled by head coach Bill Belichick.
  • I’m not ruling out Chip Kelly drafting a quarterback either. I’ve told a few friends this before, the NFL is better because of Chip Kelly.

Love the take from NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington, which sums up my thoughts: