Why I Stopped Using Dropbox and Google Drive After I Found Out About This

This easy-to-use tool uses military-grade encryption technology that makes it impossible for anyone to steal your most private information

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 71% of Americans fear losing their private information from a cyber-crime more than they are about getting their vehicle stolen, getting murdered, or being sexually assaulted… combined.

Many people who aren’t “tech savvy” feel an enormous amount of anxiety because they believe they are being watched, listened, and recorded on a 24-hour basis.

However, many Americans have made it their mission to keep every part of their life private and secure.

This includes videos of family, pictures of their children and special moments, and documents with lots of important information like tax records.

“I had trouble sleeping at night because I thought, ‘what if someone stole my private information and sold it on the ‘dark web’…?”

But What’s “Private” Anymore?

Everyone knows about storing their information on a “cloud” of some kind, but what they don’t know is how those “clouds” aren’t as secure as they had hoped…
In 2012, Dropbox was notified that they’re system had been “hacked.” But they didn’t know how bad it was until 4 years later!

Turns out over 68 million users had their login data stolen and was being sold to the highest bidder on the “dark web.”

Can you imagine a stranger in another part of the world selling your most private information, such as login data or images of your family?

Anyway, you’re about to discover a new highly-secured cloud storage and file sharing application made from a Swiss company that is disrupting the data storage marketplace and has the potential of stopping bad guys in their tracks.

The company’s name is pCloud.

They created the only cloud storage and file sharing system that acts like a fortress for your private information.

Plus, pCloud has way more storage than leading competitors, is super easy to use (even a 9 year old can navigate it), and is more secure than Dropbox and Google Drive.

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“What Makes This Cloud So Different?”

Two Major Reasons:

Reason Number One: pCloud is the only cloud storage system that allows you to purchase a “lifetime plan” for one low price.

No monthly or yearly charges.

This allows you to automatically back-up all of your valuable information, images, music, videos, you name it… without taking up space on an external hard drive. (This is a massive savings.)

Reason Number Two: In today’s world where personal data is more valuable than the price of oil, pCloud takes their privacy seriously.

They are held accountable by Swiss laws — the most strict when it comes to personal data — and operate on the only “unhackable” encryption system in the world.

Normally, most “cloud” systems can still be accessed by the service provider, and are limited on their encryption.

Yes, even the most well-recognized cloud storage software can still be “decrypted” and private information shared in the blink of an eye…

pCloud uses a highly-secured private encryption called, pCloud Crypto.” (not to be confused with “cryptocurrency”)

There are 3 parts to this state-of-the-art encryption system, which are:

1.) Client-Side Encryption. Only the client has access to his/her information. If a device gets stolen, the suspect won’t be able to access their information on the pCloud.

2.) Zero-Knowledge Privacy. No one can access your information, and that includes any authority or even the owners of pCloud.

3.) Multi-Layered Algorithm. Your information, including your password key, is buried underneath a large stack of algorithms that are impossible to hack.

Matter of fact, to prove their system can’t be hacked, pCloud offered $100,000 to anyone that can hack their system.

Over 2,800 participated in this challenge, including the brightest minds from Berkeley, Boston, and MIT.

And after 6 months… no one was able to succeed!

Like anyone claiming to be the “most secure” cloud out there, we questioned it…

So, we did what anyone that cares about the privacy would do, we tested the new cloud storage for ourselves…

A few of our production team members signed up, downloaded the app, and received their initial 10GB storage for free.

This Was Their Experience

“Finally! This is the cloud storage for me because I’m not that great with computers.”

Step-by-step, pCloud walks you through how to upload and sync all of your information. And it back-ups your information every day automatically. It’s having security and efficiency without me thinking about it.

“I can access my files from anywhere.”

I’ve been using Google Drive for a long time. But I think I might be changing to pCloud. It’s way easier to navigate and it’s ridiculously fast! I’ll get lost sometimes in my Google drive and I don’t know how secure it is. But pCloud makes it easy and is very clear on their security. And it comes with a music player which is a bonus.

“I hated sharing files because it took me forever to figure it out. pCloud solves this for me…”

I sometimes like to record videos of my dogs and send it to my family. But every time I tried to send it through text, it wouldn’t work. So I had to figure out how to send a file with a link. It took forever and it would be more frustrating than it was worth.

pCloud makes it way easier. Now I can film a video and send it almost immediately. I love it.

“One payment up-front and that’s it.”

It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about an automatic monthly or yearly withdrawal. pCloud gives you up to 2TB of storage at one cost. Such a no-brainer.

Where Can I Sign Up For pCloud?

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For a limited time, pCloud is giving 2TB of storage when they sign up for the lifetime plan (which saves you the most amount of money).

But this offer is very very limited…

So if you wait and think about it, you might be too late.

Hurry. Get the security you’ve been searching for and click the link below right now.

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