What I learned in half a semester of college

It is 2:10 in the morning in my freezing corner dorm room, so forgive me these points are in no special order.

  1. Not everyone is living the same college experience. I’m very lucky to go to school as one of my best friends from home. The best part of having a friend is you feel social even when you’re not with them. I’m fine with being alone because I know I can always fallback on people. I discovered what true loneliness feels like when there is times I have no one to fall back on. Occasions when I had to eat dinner alone or stay in on a Saturday night. This is when it hits me that there is people stuck in loneliness all the time. I wish there was an easy solution, but making friends can be due to luck sometimes. Be outgoing, vulnerable and do not try to hard.
  2. The more I go to class, the more I reject education. This doesn’t mean I stopped studying or gave up on school, I do not have the guts. It’s during the midnight study sessions or deep conversations with my friends that our entire society is constructed. One day we are all going to die so the purpose of live should be enjoyment. Sometimes I wish money wasn’t at the center of the universe, so we could focus on being happy rather than saving up money to be happy later.
  3. Talking behind people’s backs gets you in trouble fast. Humans have a craving to talk about others, it’s not a bad there. There’s a quote somewhere that average minds talk about people and great minds talk about ideas. Sad to say at the dinner table I don’t have much interest in talking about ideas because people are more relevant in my life.
  4. Dreaming big gets in the way of studying. I’m an entrepreneur at heart who hasn’t done much yet. I get so into new app ideas that it gets so hard to study for American History. This goes back to my rejection of education. I’m trying to plan for a start-up to work on in the Winter and Summer break, and yet I’m spending my time on American History. It never really makes sense to me. I would be fine with studying both, but I can’t because of education’s huge focus on a good GPA.
  5. Be more vulnerable. My whole life I tried hiding what I was really thinking for fear of getting hurt. One great way to make new friends is to not be average. It is our vulnerabilities that separate the creative ones from the boring ones. Don’t be afraid of how you’ll be perceived on the outside. Obviously you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself, but don’t be so tucked away.
  6. The child phase is over. I never had such a huge period of my life that I was unable to go back to. Yes you change t a lot from the course of 0–18 years old, but the setting remains the same. The average person lives in their house with their parents and goes through the traditional school system. Once I got to college the playing field was very different and it’s difficult to go back and live in that old lifestyle. It doesn’t feel like a natural habitat as it once did and that’s scary.

There is definitely more I have learned, but this is what sticks out. It is a new point in my life and I have learned an incredible amount about people and society. A lot of accidental decisions I’ve made have turned out to be great ones. Keep a loose structure on life and stay hungry to learn and achieve more.