You probably stumbled across one of my videos on YouTube, Amazon, or enrolled in one of my Udemy or Skillshare courses, and wondered… who is this Brad guy?

When I’m not wearing my “teachers hat” and sharing my passion for fitness with as many as 21,000 people enrolled in my digital courses — I am outside shooting videos as a fitness adventure vlogger for my YouTube channel.

I will share some of achievements like an Instagram storyboard :)

The “teacher’s hat” that you might be familiar with looks like this.

It might be hard to believe but I had a fear of speaking in front of cameras. After a lot of practice, I got over myself and now shoot videos everyday (and love it!)

Sometimes I switch gears and get down into my shorts for the stage. I’ve also qualified for the World Titles in June 2017 — and attending! (Subscribe on YouTube for those updates!)

I also had a fear of drowning and avoided taking a scuba diving course for years. I almost drowned snorkeling!

I eventually decided to face that fear and sign up to a scuba diving course on the Great Barrier Reef, with my high school best friend Ash.

And after 10 dives. I felt like a rock star underwater.

With only 10 dives under my belt, I decided to head over to Mexico several months later and dive in some of the most dangerous cave systems in the world.

Yep, crazy I know!

This is what I saw before I jumped in…

After jumping 3 metres into this hole and looking up… I saw this.

Pretty awesome huh?

And swimming into caves we could barely fit our tanks into.

I was stuck in one of these caves and couldn’t get out. True story. I was lucky to make it out alive. I’ll save that story for later.

And to my other passion — flying!

Here is a photo of me exploring the flying scene in Maun, Botswana, in September 2014.

I spent years studying flight theory and passing all of my commercial airline pilot exams — before pivoting into building a personal brand around fitness, personal achievement, and inspiring people through storytelling.

I am still very much passionate about flying privately, but I am not passionate about working in the industry.

There has been a common thread with the achievements I’ve shared with you. That is — all of them have greeted me with intimidation.

The fear of drowning. The fear of not being not good enough on camera. The fear of crashing my plane.

It led to me eventually breaking through these fears and inadequacies. And these mini breakthroughs have allowed me to discover passions for flying, scuba diving, and speaking to the camera.

What about fitness?

My Fitness Story

I don’t have the cliche story of “I grew up playing sports from when I was 16 and always ate celery sticks and broccoli as a 9 year old.”

To the contrary.

For much of my teenage years and 20s, I was very sick.

In and out of hospital with illnesses, lethargy, and being miserable with how I looked in the mirror.

After 18 months of “dieting,” I looked like this…


I struggled with yo-yo dieting and blaming my genetics for never being able to get ripped and lean like the guys down on the beach.

I also had a very bad junk food addiction which stemmed from my upbringing where I knew no different.

Nobody taught me how to cook or how to eat “clean.” In fact, I hated vegetables. I didn’t even know what an eggplant was until I worked in a supermarket and had to enter it into the system. Wtf!? haha.

I honestly believed squash was exclusive to the sport! Don’t laugh! :)

But I decided to leverage my Bachelor Degree of Science (Psychology) and study the science behind sports nutrition and body transformations.

I started to take responsibility for my health and fitness rather than blaming my parents for having Coca Cola in the house and unlimited access to Vegemite.

I was also fascinated with the mindset of a body transformation — given my background as a psychology major.

Eventually, I ditched Allen’s Snakes for food like this.

I hated “clean eating” at first but then it grew on me.

I got into shape and after years of maintaining the results — decided to compete on stage.

Achieving 1st place in both fitness model divisions in March 2017.

And placing in every competition since. On the 27th of May 2017, coming first and third place in two divisions.

Case in point: I’ve never been back to hospital since. And I no longer have my sugar addiction.

I’ve since been invited to compete at the National and World Titles, which I have signed up for. That journey is being recorded on YouTube — subscribe!

This transformation grew into a passion to share with others through digital courses how I achieved great results. But most importantly, teach the practical science behind how a body transformation works — and how to maintain the results.

The End

Thanks for reading. I hope my short story inspired you into taking action!

Don’t worry, I know how you feel. I’ve probably been in your shoes and tried the diet you are on at the moment.

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