The Best Six Pack Abs Guide (Science-Based)

Brad Newton Fitness
Aug 18 · 13 min read

The Worst Six Pack Myths

Reduce your overall body fat percentage and,

Ab training for six pack abs

Step 1 of 2. Reduce Overall Body Fat Percentage

Ideal Body Fat Percentages For A Six Pack

Step 2 of 2. Ab Training for Six Pack Abs

The Best Ab Exercises

1. Ab Wheel Roll-out

2. Cable Crunch

3. Hanging Leg Raise

4. Captain’s Chair (or Roman Chair) Leg Raise

My 3 Simple Rules to Build A Six Pack

1. Training my abs 2–3 times per week.

2. Incorporating both weighted and unweighted ab training.

3. Emphasizing progressive overload.

My Favourite Ab Workout Routine

Ab wheel roll-out (unweighted) until failure,

Captains chair leg raises (unweighted) until failure,

1 set of cable crunch (weighted), 8–10 reps

Rest for 2–3 minutes between circuits before repeating.

What Supplements Should I Take To Get a Six Pack?

Final Thoughts

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