A swamp monster has been wreaking havoc on a small town in Florida and police are scrambling for answers.

Roland, Florida was once a peaceful town with a population of just over 75 people. One of those people, Jake Rodgers, recently saw a figure outside his house Thursday night. “You know man I just look out side and there it is. A swamp monster. There’s no other way to describe it.” Rodgers said. Rodgers described the so called swamp monster as six foot nine, with claws and fangs the size of a small child.

“We got the kids in the basement and called the police but obviously they thought we were fools.” Rodgers’s wife, Malinda said.

Police were originally skeptical of the claims. “I honestly find it pretty hard to believe that swamp monsters exist.” Police Chief Ken Jonbro said.

However, several more sightings have been reported since. The case hit a stand still until this photo taken by a resident who wished not be named was turned into police.

After receiving this shocking evidence we returned to the police station to talk to Chief Jonbro. “Can you just leave me alone already. There is no swamp monster.” Jonbro shouted.

While the truth is unclear, I think it’s fair to say the something is fishy in Roland. I’m Brad Thunderson and this has been a World Wide News exclusive.

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