The first time I saw Tommy Boy I cried tears of joy for hours. Grown ups is one of the most heart warming and amazing films made in decades. What do they all have in common? David Wayne spade.

America didn’t deserve Spade’s hard work and dedication but they got it anyway. “Yeah he always seemed like an okay guy to me.” Spades neighbor said. Actors don’t live lives of leisure and rainbows. They often scrape by on paycheck to paycheck, not even knowing where their next meal will come from. Spade was no different. Whether it was SNL or the big screen, he gave his soul to his audience.

David Spade made a vow in early 2000. He would only make high quality, Oscar worthy movies from now on. Grown ups, Joe Dirt, their sequels, and Benchwarmers were nominated for over 7 Oscar awards but sadly Spade never won an Oscar. This is the tragedy of being an actor in America.

Thank you David Spade. You may have never won an Oscar, but you won over our hearts. I’m Brad Thunderson and happy David Spade Day.