We’ve all seen them. They’re menacing, scary, and sometimes just plain insane. I’m talking about the newest news sensation sweeping twitter. Is Donald Trump really going to ban a controversial high powered flashlight? Here at World Wide News we wanted to find out.

Hundreds. Dare I say millions of tweets just like these have surfaced all over twitter. What is the truth behind this phenomenon? Well I’ve noticed two similarities that appear among all of these tweets.

  1. They are all tweeted by accounts that appear to be owned by females.
  2. All these accounts are 100 percent real. There’s no doubt about it they’re telling the truth.

Next, we went into the White House to seek even more information about these amazing flashlights. We eventually sat down with the White House’s official flashlight correspondent, Jim Mosby.

“The White House has no concerns about any kind of flashlight and it has nothing to do with my job. How did you guys even get in here?” Mosby said.

It’s clear that the current administration is determined to sweep this story under the rug, but not if we have any say in it. If I were you I’d buy as many of these flashlights as possible. On most websites they only ask for your social security number in exchange for these godly flashlights. It’s a great deal. Don’t let the White House fool you, if you don’t get one of these flashlights you may just be left in the dark.

I’m Brad Thunderson reminding you that the truth isn’t always so pretty.