Interaction Design: Sprint Two

This sprint had a focus on interaction design and designing an app prototype that would aid in data collection for citizen science. The categories for data collection included research about urban forging, noise pollution, water quality and animal census. I chose to create an app prototype for urban foraging.

  1. During this sprint activity we had a brain storming collaboration period to start. We split into groups and wrote down potential users, activities the various apps would be used for as well as the types of data that would be collected. After this each student chose one of the four research topics and used the app “pop” as well as note cards to draw an interface and make it into an app prototype. We then made a video that demonstrates the functionality of the app.

2. Throughout this project some questions were raised in my head after implementing the app in pop. The problem I encountered was how to design an app encompassing a wide variety of users. For example how do you design an app for college students and retired people as these groups are nearly opposite. After evaluating this issue and completing this project, in the future if I find myself designing apps I will spend more time on developing a clear user base and design the app to compliment a few different users. In other words I will not focus the app on only one user group but also will not try to encompass every user group.

3. I liked this project because it gave people that do not have advanced technical skills a view into the world of app development. I also liked this because many people do not think of the interaction design aspect of app development and do not realize that it can be more important then the actual programming.

4. There are many places in society where this exact work is very important. Interaction design is very important in app and web development, interfaces such as smart watches and more recently virtual reality. To name a few examples major tech companies such as apple and google have certain standards that developers are recommended to follow in order to make their products more usable. In virtual reality interaction is very important because if developers design their applications in certain ways you can make people sick. Also since virtual reality is a fairly new product you need to make your applications in a way that viewers can intuitively use them.