UCD Charrette

During this sprint exercise we focused on the design of a smart vehicle interface. We spent the first part of class in a brain storming period. During this period we each thought of three vehicles and the respected users for each vehicle. After this we were divided into groups and each assigned one vehicle. The first group that I was placed in was assigned a hot air balloon for a thrill seeker. While in this group our task was to create a graphic that describes who the user is and how they will interact with the vehicle. We drew our user skydiving out of an all glass basket hot air balloon for this exercise.

Next, I was placed in a new group who had drawn a graphic of a hover board for an extreme sports fan who was using the hover board to climb a mountian. Our task was to then draw out an interface for this vehicle and user. Our group decided that the best interface would be a voice controlled heads up display on a helmet similar to a motorcycle helmet. We designed our interface to have three specific functionality's.

  1. A display of a map with gps, directions, and tracking of any other “users” or friends hover boarding with you.
  2. a collision warning system that will outline big rocks or obstacles and warn you before you collide with them.
  3. A animal identification system that will tell the user details about animals known to the region as well as best safety practice's. Also opon seeing an animal the interface will automatically detect what animal it is and warn you.