How we launched and sold our startup in less than 3 months

Bradley Vangelder
3 min readOct 8, 2022

I loved every part of building Lancero, the startup Dries and I started. We learned so much in the process… from going from having just a small landing where we tested our own MVP, to launching a product that sends 20,000 codes per month.

The beginning

I just finished working on my first “startup”, Kwotet. It was an online social platform where everyone could share quotes from their favorite books.

I was looking to start something new.

I felt kinda stuck working on Kwotet, it had too little attention. After remembering the pains I went through during the beginning stages of Kwotet, I came to the idea of making a “waitlist as a service”, but I needed a co-founder that was as strong as the idea.

I knew Dries from school, we came to some conversation but didn’t know each other that well. He was a programmer with an entrepreneurial mind and did so much work besides what he had to do for school. This was what I was looking for.

We came together during school hours just to brainstorm our idea. We came up with features that would put us at number 1. We worked on the development till 3 am, we were just so hyped to get this product launched.

Putting in the hours is KEY when building a startup

The moment we lost the spark…

We both were in the final year of our college journey, so in Belgium, this meant doing your internship in your final semester.

As we both made the decision to pick a quite challenging company, little time was left for Lancero.

Eventually, we lost interest. We lost the spark…

The only logical choice was to find someone with the same spark we started with to acquire Lancero.

And we did @ MicroAcquire.

Sell before your product dies. Make sure to profit from all the gains.

What did we do after…

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