“Never go to any event without a clear objective for what you desire from it.”

California bound and full of hope and positivity to what the future holds.

My wife and I have been in the US for a little over a week now, dedicated to the mission to see if this remote lifestyle can become our lifestyle.

Can we really travel the world or relocate to a place where we don’t go on holiday to get away from the depressing grey skies and constant rain??

We just left New York after seeing old friends and making new ones. Now we are en route to the sunny West Coast. With a list of events lined up and positivity oozing out of me for what the future holds for us, and Flikit.

I recently found myself at an event in London where I met a great man. Someone I hope to have as a mentor and a part of mine & the life of Flikit, into the foreseeable future.

He gave me some advice after asking what I wanted from him during a detailed chat of Flikit’s value proposition, to which I replied:

“Only to make a meaningful lasting connection.”

I knew his position, background and opportunities he could do for us, but that was not the sole reason I was speaking to him there and then. I am a lover of people!

To which he gave this piece of guidance that has seen him to where he finds himself:

“Never go to any event without a clear objective for what you desire from it.”

This felt alien to me, as I always look at life with an open mind. You never know what is around the corner, right? So focusing on a specific goal could mean that you miss a window far more beneficial.

But I feel I get his point now, sitting here on this American Airways flight, bound for new lands…

New York on Flight AA 95 JFK — SAN

I have taken this onboard (no pun intended there ;) and I have filled my mind and soul with focus, focus to build meaningful connections with anyone I rub shoulders with. Anyone that can be incremental to spreading the word of what we are doing here at FlikitHQ.

I am a strong believer that “you’re vibe attracts your tribe” and I am the founder of a networking app, an app that lets you hold onto these connections with every change in life.

I want people like me to be part of what we are doing, people, people!

People that can’t stand in a queue without sparking a conversation on what the weather is doing, or how long the service is taking, to quickly find mutual ground and search for the deeper connection with one another.

So where do you find these people that have these qualities but also have vast knowledge on innovation, tech and startups? Cali of course, and that is where I am headed.

Flikit networking tool in hand, and a crazy amount of vision for what we can do for all us human beings in the future.

We live in a digital world where networking utilises mobile every step of the way, so why do we hand out inflexible business cards that don’t change as our lives do??

Now there is a solution, FLIKIT!

I’m here for two reasons; explore & broaden the mind. But I am fully focused on the grand mission at hand, find like-minded people that can make Flikit the success it could be here in sunny Cali.

Can we make this happen all remotely, or maybe the opportunity we have been looking for to ground us in some place new will come our way?

Well, we will have to wait and see.

Either way, one thing is certain, we will leave this trip with some connections that will last a lifetime!

Wish me luck, as I am gonna need all the positivity I can get.

Bradley Tayne.