In these cases, a great ‘’legal engineer’’ , who is capable of constructing a relevant legislative framework of all the different acts and rules that govern the startup’s business and of forming a strategy that enables the intended business to blossom in one way or another, can create a lot of value for the company.
From Biglaw to Founder Trenches: A Law Student’s Path into Venture Capital
Wave Ventures

Very valid point. Whenever a business is implementing a “blue ocean” strategy — creating a marketplace or disrupting the status quo — there are often heavy legal implications to doing so and having a “legal engineer” will do wonders for the company.

This is especially salient in emerging tech. As blockchain companies continue to raise funds through the “ICO” (initial coin offering) method, regulatory bodies like the SEC in the US loomed over until an appropriate legal framework was suggested by several entities in the space.

UAV drone technology and verticalized AI offerings in logistics and transportation may benefit from startups outlining a legal framework as well. Great read!