The last few years have seen innovation become a buzzword. That’s not to say that innovation is a new concept, but whereas you would have only previously heard it mentioned when discussed tech companies or manufacturers, it is now brought up when discussing any industry.

Like any other business trend or catchphrase, it can be difficult to tell whether the movement deserves the attention that it is getting. Do you really need to focus on innovation when you’re providing a service that has been working smoothly for years? Or when your product range is simple, intuitive, and already popular?


ComScore’s newly released 2017 U.S. Mobile Apps report has found that consumers are spending an increasing amount of their time using mobile apps. The results may be unsurprising, but they highlight the importance of developing a good digital relationship with your customers.

App use is dominated by the highly coveted 18–34 demographic, with younger generations preferring mobile applications to using their desktops. Younger millennials, those aged 18–24, spend an extraordinary average of 3 hours per day in apps, with 25 to 34-year-olds only just behind, using apps for an average of 2.3 hours per day.

What’s more, younger demographics are…

It’s been a couple of months since Uber’s CEO Jeff Kalanick resigned, leaving behind him an empty throne and a company under scrutiny.

Uber will hope that their new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will help to fix their image and end their PR nightmare, but it will be a long road for the pioneer in the sharing economy.

In the US and in Europe, it’s facing competition from Lyft and other newcomers who made the most out of Uber’s 10 day descent into the abyss.

Amidst allegations of sexual harassment, criticism of the workplace culture, and a video where you can…

Most of us know that our personalities are different at work. Stepping into the office involves leaving some of our quirks and characteristics at the door. But why? It might not seem like a big deal, but by changing your personality when you go to work there is a good chance that you are limiting your potential and your workplace happiness.

We often fear that our true personalities will involve character traits that might put people off. Mood swings that might disrupt work. Habits that make us seem unusual or strange to our co-workers. …

To engaged employees, customer experience and success is personal. Excellent customer service and a high level of employee engagement go hand-in-hand. When your products, services, and customer service are poor, it’s your employees who are on the receiving end of the criticism. When your employees feel like they are unable to make a difference at their work, they are far less likely to take great care when it comes to customer service and experience.

Customers today have a louder voice than ever before. Just have a look at Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and various other websites and social media networks and…

BASF (Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik, or, in English, Baden Aniline and Soda Factory), the largest chemical producer in the world, has announced that it saved nearly €60 million last year by implementing improvement proposals suggested by its employees. BASF has been soliciting improvement proposals from its employees for several years, and the initiative continues to pay massive dividends.

The chemical giant implemented nearly 21,000 improvement proposals from its employees across the world, a similar figure to what the program had produced in 2015.

With one jar sold every 2.5 seconds in the world, Nutella has become a social and commercial phenomenon.

But It also means that 34560 people a day are frustrated by trying to open the jar.

The feeling resembles the one you get when you’re late to your train, or plane. You’re so close to it but so far from getting to it: you’re happy because you already see yourself spreading the chocolate on your bread and eating it, but the seal of the jar stands as one final obstacle.

Created in 1963 in Italy by Ferrero, Nutella began selling in…

Starbucks has long prided itself on being innovative and cutting-edge. Their approach to marketing has been an integral part of their success and helped the company grow from opening their first international location in 1996, to having nearly 25,000 locations worldwide only 20 years later.

The key to Starbucks’ success has been its willingness to listen to its customers. They have always taken the approach that their customers know best, and by adapting to their needs they have been able to stay as a market leader, even in the face of significant changes in the food and beverage industry.


Gallup has released its third State of the American Workplace report, a detailed look into the modern workforce. The report is the culmination of Gallup’s in-depth research and study of attraction, retention, engagement, and performance strategy in the workplace. The report was put together using data from more than 195,600 US employees using the Gallup Panel and Gallup Daily tracking in 2015 and 2016, and more than 31 million respondents through Gallup’s Q Client Database.

First launched in 2010, the report has become an invaluable tool for analyzing the state of the American workplace. The data is useful for CEO’s…

Braineet is the perfect platform to support your open innovation projects. Turn your customers and employees into a resource for innovation and harness the full potential of your business. Braineet puts you in direct contact with your customers and allows you to easily manage your innovation projects and to find the best solutions to your business needs.

Here are 6 examples of open innovation in helping businesses around the world to overcome challenges and grow.


Unilever might be one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies with state-of-the-art research staff and facilities, but it still understands the value and importance…


Braineet is the platform that allows you to innovate with the help of your employees and your customers. There’s strength in numbers and intelligence in crowds!

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