Top tip for your fit life

Fitness is a big part of most people’s lives these days. I thought I’d share my current thoughts and journey… and my one big tip to success!

Currently there are 2,918,276 different diets out there ( I made that number up)

You’ve got the likes of :-

  • Slimming world – Syns basis, naughty foods and good foods.
  • Keto diets – super low carbs where ketones are produced in the liver for energy.
  • High protein diets – its uh… high protein
  • Low carb – low carbs or 0 after 6pm etc..
  • Herbalife – not a clue?
  • 5/2 diets – 5 days on say 1,800 cals 2 days on 800 cals for example.
  • IIFYM – if it fits your macro nutrients. Carbs / proteins / fats
  • Flexible dieting – caloric intake/ macros similar to IIFYM
  • Paleo – fruit, veg and meats (clean food)
Now I’m going to go a bit left field here and say…

They all work

I have just single handlely triggered all bodybuilders and fitness fanatics out there.

Break it down and look at it however.

Personally I don’t go for slimming world, Herbalife etc but people do get results.

  1. People on slimming world that have dropped pounds upon pounds.
  2. People on Herbalife have dropped pounds.
  3. People on no carbs have dropped pounds.

Now im not condoning the methods as I don’t believe I could function on 1,800 calories ( I struggle on my current 2,250) but I do however understand one thing… my secret tip…


The idea behind a diet (usually) is to stay in a deficit. Burn more than you input and your body will burn the fat you have for energy. Basic weight loss.

If you follow on plan consistently hit it and track it you will make results.

If you decide to take up a plan, eat your alotted calories/macros then have a yoghurt in the evening because it’s only 150 cals… then that’s 150cals extra you’ve had… you’ve deterred from your plan, progress will be slowed or stunted unless you’re burning those off? If you don’t aim for those 10,000 steps a day and track how many you’ve done you won’t burn those extra calories toward your goal.

  1. In regards to said diets and plans they’re all there for different reasons, 208 pound Sheila doesn’t want to get 15 inch arms and jacked ready for NABBA she just want to drop 60 pounds and be happier in her self. So maybe slimming world and that community of people is right for her, to give her support and nurture toward her goal.
  2. 98 pound mike maybe wants to put some size on so beds maybe a solid macros plan to bulk up adding 300 cals above his BMR to increase size, adjusting weekly as he gains.

The point is everyone has different goals and needs. The main thing with any plan you take on board is

  1. Be honest. count it all, count your steps, your macros.
  2. Be consistent. Results don’t happen over night (much).
  3. Mirror is your only competition.

Ill go into more detail on input vs output in another post but the first to take from the BrainGainz is

Consistency is key to any thing. Ronaldo consistently trains to improve. Mcgreggor consistently trains to improve. Branson consistently invents new ideas/investments to improve… consistency.