The Emperor's New Clothes
Abhishek Kothari

There is only one really major problem with this ever expanding use of WiFi and Electromagnetic Radiation, the electromagnetic waves are making people increasingly physically sick. People’s susceptibility to these waves does vary but more and more people are increasingly falling victim to this “disease”.

So much so that laboratory tests on rats have found that beyond critical levels, electromagnetic radiation DOES INDUCE SEXUAL STERILITY!

Yes the rats became COMPLETELY SEXUALLY IMPOTENT over the course of just five generations! How would do you like that to happen to you or your offspring? Human fertility sperm counts are already DECLINING BIG TIME!

Is this the cause or atleast one of the contributing factors to this decline?

We need to find out and quickly! Talk about erectile dysfunction! WiFi broadcast in school classrooms has already shown that some students are already becoming physically sick from these waves. We need to discover at what level do people BEGIN TO BECOME SICK from these waves and then establish safe regulatory standards for the protection of all people.

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