Apple iPhone 6s Analysis, Opinions and Assessment

The Apple iPhone 6s is already breaking records of sales, far exceeding the previous model. This new generation does not change the numbering, nor design, it is the return to the “s” we have been seeing for several breaks odd generation. We have a new processor, screen, camera … have changed much of the hardware in this terminal, and what we will do is analyze it in detail to know, precisely, what has changed this device, and how it behaves in all areas.

The previous generation was the jump of the Cupertino company to leave behind the 4 inches that had little sense in a market that was around 5 inches for high-end. Now the Cupertino firm has launched the new iPhone 6s, repeating design and changing almost completely hardware level, and from its earliest days has broken records of bookings and sales in the countries of the first wave.

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Apple iPhone 6s Analysis, Opinions, and Assessment