Apple doesn’t care about the power users

You didn't even touch on the horrendous keyboard experience. The new butterfly switches feel like you're just jamming your phalanges into an aluminum slab. Let's all get carpal tunnel syndrome…

The new Macbook Pro would be a lot better if they left the right side of the laptop as it was: USB-A, HDMI and SD card slot. A transition period, as you said.

This new MBP is great if you want to replace your Mac Pro. Keep it docked at a desk. But if you do any travelling with your laptop (why would you?), forcing your users to carry dongles everywhere (which are bound to get lost OR you'd want multiples to keep your workplace sane) is just a slap in the face.

The only way this new Macbook Pro deserves it's "Pro" moniker at this time, is if you connect it to a Thunderbolt 3 dock that provides the ports they took away. I've yet to find one that has an SD slot, so you'll have to keep using that dongle…