Saudi SAPRAC Violates FARA Act and propagates anti Qatar campaigns

Saudi SAPRAC has violated the FARA Act by not registering on FARA guidelines under US dept of Justice. Operating against Qatar from 14th June this year but registration was filed on 23rd August.

Amidst the two-month old diplomatic disturbance in the Middle East, the common U.S. citizens are least affected by the campaign run by either sides. Reportedly, a Gulf Expert commented on the issue stating that America is too familiar with the GCC lingo to change its mind based on a noisy TV ad-campaign.

Reportedly, the Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee or SAPRAC, is an organization established in Delaware and based in Washington, that has played a fairly large role in the public discourse in the fight between the two Middle Eastern nations.

SAPRAC and its founder Salman Al Ansari

It has launched television ad-campaigns, carried out advocacy campaigns on Twitter and launched a website namely, The Qatar Insider, boasting itself as the main source of information associated to Qatar’s alleged terror funding. In addition to all this, it has also purchased seven TV spots in the desperation to air 30-second anti-Qatar ad-campaigns worth $138,000 (verified by various news agencies).

The most interesting aspect of all this is the fact that the organization remained unregistered with FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) until 23rd August 2017 while it officially started functioning on the 14th June 2017.

The targeted anti- Qatar posts by TQI observed during FARA filing

The registration was made two months after the official initiation of the organization on two terms — the help a media firm at a price of $50,000 per month besides the fees.]

FARA under US dept of Justice

It was only after the FARA filing revealed that the TV spots were purchased by SAPRAC which has also founded The Qatar Insider, a critique of the blockaded nation that openly circulates promoted campaigns on social media. Meanwhile, Salman Al Ansari the president and founder of SAPRAC, leaves no chance to humiliate the Emir of Qatar and the nation entirely via tweets and cartoons.