A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write Compelling Article introduction

Don’t read further — you’ll be bored to death but will receive a million dollar in cash if you read on. Doesn’t make sense right? What it does though is that it captivates you to carry on reading to find out what makes this article to be boring and yet, it offers a million dollar for reading through. Like this opening statement, an article’s introduction has to be compelling enough so that a person reads it from the start to the finish. This is what every writer wants his article to be treated as — read through all the way.

Why introduction you think? If you believe that an introduction isn’t as important as the content of an article, then you are way wrong my friend. The introduction in your article isn’t a small detail. It makes a huge difference in engaging the readers to your article. It’s simple, if you don’t grab hold of your reader’s attention right away, you’ll lose them. No one starts reading an article from the middle. The worst is that all your effort will be lost with a single back-click. Writing a compelling introduction to an article is one skill that every sort of writer, whether he is a journalist or a content writer needs. If you feel like you need to improve your skills in writing introductions, read through the simple pointers below:

· Master the Opening Line — The first thing that comes into play when writing a strong introduction is that you need to open with a strong first sentence. It should be able to entice the reader to read the next sentence. By doing so, it sets the tone for the rest of the article, reeling in the reader with one step a time. If you cannot craft a great first liner, you can always learn. Here are a few tips for you that’ll be helpful.

a) Keep in mind that your first sentence has to be short as this will make it easier for the reader to digest the first bit of information.

b) Other tricks you can follow are asking a question to the reader, telling a story, using shocking quotes and by asking your reader to imagine.

· Say Something Unique — Following the opening sentence, you will have to hold in the reader’s interest. So you’ll have to say something interesting and uncommon. Don’t repurpose old articles — say something that your readers have never read before and you’ll gain their respect. Being unique isn’t easy but if you develop this skill, it’ll pay you off well. Share a personal story, get your emotions in it as people have emotional reactions to emotion. You can also try sharing your vision or make a promise as it is a more personal and attention grabbing thing.

· Keep it Simple, You Silly One! — “KISS” as they say it! People these days have short attention spans as they get bored and tend to move on to the next thing quickly; so make sure to present things as simply as possible. Avoid rambling on!

· Speak Directly to the Reader — Whenever you write an educational article, address your readers directly by using words such as ‘you’. By emphasizing the word “you” in your article, you show that you are directly addressing them and not writing something generic.

· Explain What the Article is About — The main point of an introduction is to explain what your article is about. Take a few lines and explain what your article is going to be about; don’t leave them clueless.

· Explain its Importance — Once you’ve told them about your article, do not fail to iterate the importance of the article — why the readers should care about it and how will it benefit them and solve your problems.

Your introduction to your article will make or break the outcome of your article. If you can manage to whip out a great introduction, you will continue to engage your reader. Writing an engaging introduction is not an easy skill to master, however, it isn’t impossible too. If however your in-house writers cannot produce content that is engaging right from the start, there’s always the option of taking help from professional content writers hailing from a marketing agency. BrandBerry Marcom, an advertising and marketing agency based in Delhi NCR has many experienced and capable content writers. Finding a capable content writer in Noida and Gurgaon shall not be a hectic task, as there is BrandBerry and a lot of other content writing agencies that can cater to your content writing needs.

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