Benefits of Internet Radio for Advertising that are Changing the Scenario

Internet radio is the new ‘it’ thing in the world and India alike. With the changing world scenario the biggest transition has been seen in the choices people adopt involving internet as the medium to communicate primarily. The same platform has been adopted by the businessmen to stay in the business. Advertisers who were previously advertising on formats like TV and radio; too have taken the road most taken, the road that treads on internet for all commercial purposes. 
 Here Internet Radio is in conversation as a benefiting medium to communicate, promote and advertise for radio advertising agencies in Delhi. Advertising is an art that needs proper medium to propagate. As an expert advertising agency with satisfactory experience in advertising, BrandBerry Marcom has listed the ways to be observed, in which internet radio can become a thriving medium for advertisers.

Internet radio is portable, thus, an opportunity for advertisers-

People are using smartphones everywhere. That being said, internet is also a necessary element to look into your smartphones. Now when you have internet and a portable device like your phone with essentials like radio facility and video facility, people who often are enroute to their work places and other destinations like to listen to radio. There comes internet radio as a big help. You do not need any antennae or radio signals to catch hold of the latest songs or the news on the go. This facility should be seen as an opportunity for the advertisers to get into radio advertising to promote the brands or the product/services.

Internet Radio is available round the clock-

This feature makes it all the more desirable and attractive for the listeners. The accessibility is not an issue with internet radio. Advertisers should reap most benefits by investing in this format of communication with their audiences, in this case, listener base. Also, internet is the paradigm of the young. Youngsters listen more internet radio than terrestrial and this has made radio advertising highly lucrative way to advertise.

Advertisers can give a more personalized listening experience on internet radio-

As an ad agency producing a radio ad for listeners online, you can take advantage and go ahead with a concept that provides the listeners with a more personalized listening experience and optimize the modalities of advertising online on a radio medium to the fullest. Ads such as banner ads, tile ads, pop-up ads, etc, can be made for differentiated audience cum listener base with selling purposes that are rendered highly focused and creative edge in approach.

It is a rather low cost medium-

Advertising on internet radio is an efficient way to do it as this medium is low cost and works on point blank with its reach as you are working for a highly targeted demographics. It is therefore more suitable to work for this medium over the traditional radio format considering this medium suits the product advertised.

Revenue through ads on internet radio is a brighter possibility-

Since your ad reaches to a wider market where every listener is a potential customer, listeners on internet radio are more likely to act on call to action hence, increasing the chances of a better revenue. Also, with internet, listeners who really want purchase have an option to look up for the commodity or the services online, the advertiser’s website, a research option is also available therefore.

With your listeners available and accessible online, internet radio advertising has broadened your audience and there are far lesser limitations of network and prime time slots which directly affects the listening time with an increase in it. You advertisement is most likely to be listened better.

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