Content Writing- heading for a new level of creative writing

Content writing and copywriting is the new language of the youth. Gone are the days when content meant to just add the key words and leave it to the readers’ discretion. Today content writing in India has taken a 360 degree turn. Copywriters now try to break the monotony by taking advantage of chuckling and quirky words and phrases in uplifting the mood of the readers than just pouring in jarring keywords.

Trendsetters in the domain of digital marketing and brand management, like BrandBerry Marcom, have realized the power vested in the words and have now begun to put that to use. Copywriters use buzzwords to the concept of “ideation” for successful content development. It means that content is not written for the heck of it, writers pay attention to the details yet, try to be as friendly to readers as they can get. Selective writing is the key to produce great content. Textual and visual content can be very boring if not made witty.

In India, content writing bears a good face as it is being done in almost every city and people have made their careers pretty much out of just writing about a variety of topics for the purpose of entertainment, information, education, business, etc. The salient features of any write up as content for professional purposes have to be authenticity and originality. Be new in ideas and get inspired if nothing else.

Rat race can be seen everywhere, but the ones who come up with freshness in their writings are sure to have an edge above the others. Kickass is a slang used rapidly in millennial writing style. They believe in such slangs and most of the times they use them in text too. The point is that we need to know what is our audience like? What sort of writing style and format can be adopted while writing for a particular person or organization.

Staying informed is another aspect to be kept in mind while writing or producing content. You either write by your choice (which often than not; is in your hands, sad!) or you are directed on what to write. However gratifying your writing skills are, wrong or misplaced information will always fall back on you. So brace yourselves and pick that newspaper lying on your table sometimes!

People might be reading or using your content piece for a variety of purposes. A regular, common topic can be enjoyed by people of most age groups, whereas, topics specific to a certain theme and subject should maintain some uniform standard. The use of specific words and repetition, images, creativity, the aesthetic appeal, etc. hold equal importance while trying to make an impact.

The way to reach to your targeted readership is to create a unique piece revolving around an idea which is either in demand or you believe can be accepted by your audience and is capable to make a stir and can speak for itself.

Miscellaneous Yet Important

New words are welcome in readers’ minds but excessive use of words that they do not know or find troublesome should be avoided at all times, unless the content is written for specific reason or subject. So making them aware is what must be done but without making them feel low about themselves. All age groups must be kept in mind while writing for them.

Content Writing and Copywriting — Forming a New Cityscape

Almost every city in India has writers working in the capacity of content writers and copywriters, both as freelance writers, bloggers and professional content developers in the industry. This choice of career in cities like Delhi too has been on a boom and quite distinctively be observed in several writers involving themselves in creative writing. Delhi/ NCR regions now have multiple, in fact endless companies supporting copywriting and content writing as part of their main assets in running the business. There is a whole new talent pool that emerged with the emergence of content writing in prominence.

All that is important in creation and curation of content is to follow the mood of the reader and the need of the reader. Also, collection of some great information to be shared which helps in make believing in your talent and uplift the mood of the reader. But keep in mind, not all write ups are written with the purpose of mood building, some are also written on the choice of articles people read or like to read at all times.