From the Desk of a Top Production House: How to Make Effective Corporate Videos?

With increased use of videos and their popularity, brands are now being forced to expand their creativity to reach out to their customers and stay in race with their competitors. The pressure on brands to produce unique and appealing videos is real with companies such as Google, Amazon, HUL, etc. dishing out some really creative corporate videos. A corporate video has to have three basic elements — it has to be appealing, unique and engaging. Combine theses three and you have a kickass corporate video for yourself, but what more can you do with it? It’s always good to experience and play around with different ideas to get positive results but you should always appoint professionals as the end result could be devastating if the utilized are not utilized to their best. So here are some fresh tips curated by BrandBerry Marcom, one of the top production house in Delhi, which can help in dishing out effective corporate videos:

Get Personal — Let the audience know you on a personal level. Don’t just show what you do but show them who you truly are as a company and what you believe in. Just remember to keep it real and stay humble.

Show, Don’t Tell — Don’t bore your audiences by stating facts and telling them what you can do for them as such information can be found on your website too. Instead use your video to show them how you solved a problem for a customer.

Have Fun — Don’t be afraid to be creative you will have to deliver your pitch at some point.

Don’t Waste Time — If you think 30 seconds is a short amount of time to capture you audience’s mind than what about five seconds because that is what YouTube gives before users can skip the advertisement. Find extremely creative methods to engage the customers in the timelines that you have finalized. One way to that is by being funny, however, being funny may not always work for your brand. So use the tip from YouTube’s insights team as they suggest taking a ‘suspenseful’ or an ‘emotional’ tone in the first five seconds.

Tell a Story — One of the best ways is to tell your story. People want social proofs and it has been concluded that people trust recommendations. Having real people share their experience to create an emotional connection with audiences and add credibility to your brand.