How Explainer Videos Convert Audiences?

What a new business wants is to earn its own brand name in an ever-fierce market competition. There are no new businesses that can afford to neglect digital marketing even if the audiences remember you by the quality of your product. Branding exercises remains as important as ever to give your company a competitive edge. Hence content marketing is the life of any new business and explainer videos constitute a key part of it.

The best quality of using explainer videos it’s easy to relay larger information which audiences hate to read through, with a simple and friendlier approach. So here’s a look at some more of its qualities that work in building brands and increase conversions:

It Defines Your Brand –It is one of the best means to target your audience to interact with your brand. You can convey your brand’s message through an explainer video and it also creates a brand association for your audience.

Serves as an Attention Grabber — Embedding an explainer video on your website’s home page will keep your visitors for a longer period. This results in reduced bounce rate. It not only grabs the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged but also improves your search result ranking. If the bounce rate of your page is lower and the time-on-page is higher, search engines will consider your website as one of interest and place your website on a higher rank.

Becomes Your Brands Voice — Explainer videos give a brand a voice of its own by communicating the brand’s message to the customers. It also adds a human factor to a business website that helps customer connect and relate to the website. With the help of moving pictures and animations, the customers can easily understand what your business is about and what the brand wishes to convey.

Invokes Emotion — Unlike advertisement on television, explainer videos conveys specific message to a group of audience and holds more informational value. But like TV commercials, explainer videos too invokes emotion in the audiences. When your explainer can invoke emotion and as well as deliver your information, the audience will find it really easy to recall your brand.

Shareable — Social media is a huge part of digital marketing now and your explainer video is shareable on different social media platforms. If your explainer video delivers quality information in an interesting and engaging fashion, it will have a huge potential to go viral on all the social media platforms. By creating few explainer videos that are highly interactive, will help get your brand noticed through the social media platforms and also increase your popularity. On the way, it will also covert audiences.

Explains Your Products and Services in No Time — Explainer videos let you talk about your business and express the idea behind the products and services you are offering in a matter of seconds. It appeals to the auditory and visual senses of the audiences. People always prefer audio visual content over texts because videos in comparison to content littered with lots of text is easily digestible. If its videos, then the audiences are more open and disposed to listening what you have to say.

Livens Your Pitch — We’ll just say it right — “Text is Boring” and a well-produced explainer video with a good script and engaging visuals will immediately grab your audience’s interest. Using videos is also helpful if your product or services are complicated and tough to understand through texts.

A lot of efforts go into producing engaging and quality videos, so it’s always better to take the help of a professional. There are many production houses like BrandBerry Marcom who are amongst the top production houses in Delhi. They have expert professionals at their disposal capable of meeting all your video related requirements.