Importance of Responsive Layouts in Your Business Website

It’s clear that every business requires a website in order to ensure its progress and success. It however does not mean that having a website for your business will bring you automatic success. There is a lot more to a website then its looks and content. It also has a lot to do with the website’s responsiveness. If you do not understand what a responsive layout means, briefly it means to have an approach of laying out and coding the website in such a way that the website provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, with ease of reading, navigating with a minimal resizing, panning and scrolling. Your designer, while designing the website, should be able to create a responsive design and should ensure that the website’s navigation elements, screen layouts, text, images, and audio/video player re-adjusts themselves as per a variety of devices. By doing so, one is not required to spend more money in developing separate dedicated website version for each device.

Today, responsive design is a common feature with the variety of handheld devices available in the market to the users. People these days want to be online on-the-go and for that to happen, your website has to be responsive to all devices. Apart from giving the visitors an optimized viewing experience, here are some other important factors that state the importance of have responsive layout in your business website:

SEO Advantage — Know that search engines prefer websites that give the users good experience. So, they will always return results of websites that exactly do that. In the overall ranking system of search engines, tablet and mobile friendly websites always stand out. Also, most users immediately turn to other websites if a given website is performing poorly on their mobile devices. Having a responsive design offers great user experience and it will ensure improvement in ranking in Google searches.

Consistency — Employing responsive designing in your website will ensure that it will always adapts to the size of the screen of the user. It also ensures that your website will give its user the best experience and it will not take a long time to load. So to wrap it up, responsive design provides its users with a consistent and an enriching user experience, regardless of what device the user is using.

Increased Sales — Compared to your general websites, a user-friendly responsive website will perform better in converting visitors into customers as it does not have any barriers holding it back and its web structure leads to a faster intake of customers. It also helps analyze the website’s overall performance and not only increase sales. There is also research supporting the case of a responsive website design, stating that users who have visited a responsive website have the tendency to return to the same site to make a purchase in the future. So, a responsive website boosts your sales by providing a unified experience, easy navigation and consistent usability.

Access to Information — Responsively designed websites calculate the content layout according to the screen size and resolution and present it to the user. The web page is always displayed better and as fast as possible, with an ideal font size.

Time and Money — It’s true that making a responsive website is expensive compared to a conventional website. In the long run however, it is better to make an investment in responsive website initially as the expense to make the same website responsive for mobile and other devices is completely eliminated later on.

Responsive website design is a trend that has grown and spread wildly in the past couple of years. If your desire is to get your business booming with your website user experience, all you need to do is implement or switch to responsive website layout/design with loads of impeccable functionalities. If you intend on making the switch, you should probably hire a web designing agency such as BrandBerry Marcom, one of the leading web designing agency located in Delhi.