Insight to a Developer’s Sorted Checklist for a Website Launch

Website development sounds fun and creative. Yes it is. But in addition to the creativity, there are a lot of roadblocks, a lot of challenges caused due to several preparations that go unnoticed. They could range from wrong coding to inaccurate web design to unsolicited content. All you need is a checklist that keeps you updated with the last moment yet crazy changes that can make or break the deal. BrandBerry Marcom enlists below a sorted and comprehensive checklist for a website launch, for all the website developing companies around -

Consider the preferred domain-

Web development projects usually take off on a test server and if the website developed is for replacing purposes, then this is obvious. By replacing, it is meant that the new website will replace a live version. At the moment of the launch, do not forget to connect the domain to the test website and migrate the latest content to the preferred host. While switching to where the domain points, it is essential to remember that the applied changes may take about 48–72 hours to reflect the same on the live domain. It is therefore, prescribed that your preparations be planned along the same lines, especially for the cases where there is urgency to have the changes reflected at the earliest.

Check the browser compatibility-

The end goal of every website is to connect to its audiences at an interactive best, which also happens to decide the fate of the project. More than the whims of the client, a website should be made accountable for the users. Having a low functionality website is sure to never see the light of the day. It is therefore, essential to have a check on important issues for instance, testing the browser compatibility across the most commonly used browsers and their various versions. Testing responsiveness of the website on platforms like mobile phones/smartphones, tablets with tools like Google’s Mobil test as the most basic one. As a sample survey, it becomes important here also to test the same website on a sample of actual users before you go onboard with the finished website on the preferred domain. You can rope in your team, people in your peer group, etc for this purpose.

Check the website functionality-

You had planned a look of the website interface. Is the final result the same? This could be a never ending game if the not taken care of since the beginning. Website development agencies often digress from the main design they began the project with. Making sure that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the scripts are in proper order. Along with identify minutest of concerns and fix them well in time for proper functioning of the site. A web developer also needs to ensure that the team worker has been done well with the designer. The redirecting links, the forms like contact, sign up, email, etc are functional. The internal and external links, social media links, menu links and the homepage must all be leading effectively to the desired location even if the website is a one pager design. Configuring platforms for marketing or e-mailers of the customer’s choice and dealing with other integration like third party also, is a mandatory task for the successful functioning of the website.

User friendly tip- having an engaging visitors page like a 404 page is a subtle way to fix the broken links.

Content and SEO manipulations in place-

Content and SEO prerogatives have taken over every internet trends. Fairly so, as they are the trigger mechanism for marketing of the brand. Since keywords and the content in general are the driving mechanism for successful SEO, checking and re checking for the any kind of errors in the content, be it typographical, grammatical or spelling mistake, they should be hunt down and taken down. In short, keep proof reading the content before you shoot it out for final display.

User friendly tip-Remove any dummy text, if there was any, to avoid any miscommunication with the visitor.

New website domains do not rank on the top slots immediately, so keep patience and keep adding latest and relevant content for gradual better rankings. Besides, understand the concepts of SEO better, to have a thorough knowledge of how a website should put the SEO perspective in place.

User friendly tip- create and RSS feed for the blogs and have a sitemap generated for easy access of information on the website.

Do not forget the miscellaneous-

Having a security system built for a website is a must in the era of rising cyber crimes. Wordpress offers several security plugins to choose from. Publish a privacy policy to have the content legally protected, especially in the case of e-commerce or any other commerce based web domain. Ask for permission or consent before using cookies and also, make sure you supplement the site with specially abled amenities.

This is a robust checklist that will help website development companies in Delhi NCR and likewise for all other agencies.

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